Trenti Vivai was founded in 1932 in the heart of Tuscany, between the rolling hills of Florence, Arezzo and Siena: a strong and stable community, well rooted in its traditions and its land. For almost 90 years Trenti Vivai has kept its love for the environment alive, finding added value in local traditions and a starting point to look forward to the future.

The company, originally producing vines, olive trees and fruit trees, has grown and expanded in the gardening sector, becoming one of the most recognized green businesses in Tuscany. Its cutting-edge techniques are well combined with research, attention to details and passion for plants in order to ensure perfect gardens to its clients.
Today Trenti Vivai stands out for its competence, professionalism and respect for nature. It is a multicultural and multi-professional company with a strong and competent team ready to satisfy every need. Owners Paolo, Gianfranco and Luciano also lend their support through the stages of planning, construction and maintenance, in order to ensure the perfect result.