Once the project with the Landscaper has been decided, the time has come to transform the design into reality.
But, what are the stages of building a garden? Below we have listed them.


Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles equipped with excavators, telescopic lifts, crawler loaders and graders, we are able to carry out in total autonomy soil shifting and excavations useful to create, renovate and redesign any green area.


When planting, the necessary irrigation systems for the survival of the plants and useful lighting systems highlighting the scenic effect of the garden are installed, as per client's request.


Exemplary trees and plants are the first to be planted in a new garden, and their positioning is laid out carefully and with adequate means. The trees are organisms that continuously evolve in space and time, and have remarkable differences that allow to distinguish them according to leaves, height and appearance. Knowing these differences, allows us to easily make the ideal choice for your garden.


The following stage is to add bushes, shrubby plants whose size can greatly vary, from 30cm to 6m high. They are essential for our gardens because they contribute to define the space, and can be used in many ways to create different scenarios, like protecting from the wind, from strangers, or as decorative areas.


The last stage involves laying the turf. In a project the lawn has a high aesthetic value and therefore plays a central role in every garden. For the installation of an optimal turf cover it is equally important to prepare the necessary soil for the traditional sowing method, or the laying of the turf rolls.