• Detail of a creek
  • Macro of a green leaf
  • A lake at high altitude
  • Detail of a green plant
  • Leaves of a tree in autumn
  • An autumn tree with yellow leaves
  • A cascade of water
  • An evergreen tree
  • A sunset on a snow-covered landscape of Tuscany
  • Macro photography of a water drop
  • The detail of a waterlily leaf
  • A snail on a leaf of an aquatic plant
  • The sky photographed from above the clouds
Our philosophy


Respect for the environment is one of our fundamental values. Every day we work with natural, organic products to fertilize and to care for our plants, gradually reducing the chemical products which damage the environment. This commitment is evident when we are working outside the company to construct green areas with low environmental impact and which are in complete harmony with their natural surroundings.